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As of 2014, the proportion of heroin addiction admissions in Texas (TX) who are younger than 30 years old rose from 41% to 52%. Now more than ever, heroin addiction has begun to adversely affect tight-knit families in the cities of Texas such as San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston. An incredibly strong and addictive opiate, heroin use can lead to addiction after only a single-use. If you or a family member is suffering from addiction to heroin, seeking treatment as soon as possible is a good idea.

Texas Families Require a Full Spectrum of Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Individuals suffering from heroin addiction require the most comprehensive treatment possible. Heroin often causes physical dependence as well as addiction. It can be extremely difficult to work through detox properly if attempted without professional supervision. For many days after medical detox addicts may experience bouts of extreme drug-seeking behavior; increasing the need for supervision during treatment.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we designed our quality rehab program for heroin addiction to treat the entire person. We combine treatment models and ensure absolute dedication to the addicts in treatment.

Is Affordable Treatment Available for Individuals Suffering From Heroin Addiction?

Affordable heroin addiction treatment is available for many of the families in San Antonio, Texas who are currently being affected by this chronic disease. Addiction treatment has become even more affordable in the last few years for individuals with health insurance. The Affordable Care Act changed the treatment landscape by mandating that national insurance providers be required to cover addiction treatment in some capacity.

The exact amount of coverage offered for treatment will often vary from plan to plan. However, insurance companies will most likely take care of some of the cost of treatment. To determine how affordable treatment will be with your insurance call either your insurance provider or the treatment center itself. Most of the time the staff at a recovery center are fully capable of determining how your insurance will work with treatment.

Can Families In Texas Suffering From Heroin Addiction Benefit From a 12-Step Program?

Many individuals suffering from heroin addiction can benefit from a working 12-step program. 12-step programs are excellent tools to use after the initial phase of treatment, as they help keep addicts engaged in their sobriety. Therefore, by sticking to the 12 steps, and attending regular meetings, addicts will be surrounded by their support network and are able to keep themselves far away from their harmful habits.

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At San Antonio Recovery Center, our goal is to help you get through recovery. However, not everyone is the same, so not everyone's treatment will be the same. Therefore, we offer a variety of therapy options, including

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction to heroin, we are here for you. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center in Texas today at 866.957.7885 to begin the recovery process. Don't wait any longer to get the help you need!

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