When seeking drug rehab treatment, it's important to consider co-occurring disorder treatment. Overall, Austin dual diagnosis treatment helps you avoid future relapse.

The Importance of Dual Disorder Treatment

When people need addiction treatment, they usually have underlying problems. Addiction is a mental disorder, and, typically, these come in pairs. Not to mention, the brain becomes more susceptible to other mental illnesses after developing one.

For example, people with addiction often develop anxiety or depression. Likewise, people with depression or anxiety have a higher chance of developing addiction.

Mental illnesses also affect each other, therefore, fixing one without addressing the other doesn't work. For example, treating addiction without addressing depression likely results in relapse.

How Austin Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help

Austin dual diagnosis treatment is an excellent option for those interested in healing their mind, body, and soul. Treating the whole person makes relapse less likely. Not to mention, co-occurring disorder treatment can even help people who have already relapsed once before.

Cities in the surrounding area, such as San Antonio, also offer dual disorder treatment options. Overall, treatment centers in Texas allow people to remove themselves from the negative influences that prevent them from focusing on treatment.

Who Benefits from Dual Disorder Treatment?

Co-occurring disorder treatment helps people with many problems. Generally, it's ideal for people who experience chronic relapse because they often have additional problems working against them. Fortunately, co-occurring disorder treatment helps them understand the cause of their addictive behavior.

Additionally, dual diagnosis treatment is an effective option for veterans. Many of them suffer from PTSD. Just like addiction, PTSD is a mental disorder that opens the door to other conditions. Therefore, many veterans end up turning to alcohol or other drugs for relief.

No matter what treatment plan you choose, whether or not it uses dual diagnosis treatment is important to consider. Fortunately, rehab centers in the Austin area can work co-occurring disorder treatment into both residential and intensive outpatient programs.

Let San Antonio Recovery Center Help You Overcome Addiction

If you consider getting Austin dual diagnosis treatment, you should also think about treatment programs in San Antonio. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on being more than just a typical drug and alcohol treatment center. We believe that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction requires comprehensive care. Full recovery becomes far more difficult when focusing on just one area of treatment.

Thus, our friendly staff makes custom treatment plans for every client. We combine our programs into treatment plans that fit your unique needs, including:

Residential rehab
Dual diagnosis treatment
Intensive outpatient programs
• Gender-specific treatment
90-day treatment programs

Overall, we use the 12-step addiction treatment approach and work hard to make our treatment affordable for everyone. For example, we accept many different insurance plans to help make treatment more accessible.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we focus on helping you heal emotionally and physically. Addressing these areas gives you the best chances for successful, lasting sobriety.

Don't let addiction control how you live. Only you have the power to overcome the disease, and San Antonio Recovery Center will support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today at 866.957.7885 to begin your journey.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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