Women's Alcohol Addiction Rehab

While men may be more likely to abuse alcohol than women are by drinking in excess or displaying dangerous drinking behaviors, many women still struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Also, women tend to experience more serious side effects after consuming large amounts of alcohol. Women who are struggling with alcohol addiction should work with the professionals at an addiction treatment center to discover the underlying causes of addiction and develop the healthy coping skills they need for lifelong recovery. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a women's alcohol rehab program where women can focus on their sobriety in a safe, supportive environment.

If you or a woman in your life is ready to break free from alcohol addiction, reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866.957.7885 or connect with us online to learn more.

Women and Alcohol

Drinking in excess is dangerous for men and women. However, why are women at a higher risk when they drink in excess? One reason is that their bodies absorb alcohol more quickly. Because of that, they feel the effects of intoxication faster than men.

Finding a women's alcohol addiction rehab center is also important because alcohol puts women at risk of other complications. For example, drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase their chances of developing heart disease, cancer, and mental health problems.

The Growing Need for Women's Alcohol Addiction Rehab

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that there's a growing need for alcohol addiction treatment programs for women. In 2017, 2.5 percent of women from all age groups met the criteria for AUD. Also, roughly 10 percent of pregnant women still drink despite the harm that it could do to their babies. It's incredibly difficult to overcome dependence on alcohol without the help of a treatment center.

The CDC states that another reason for the growing need for women's alcohol addiction rehab is the rate of fatalities connected to alcohol. Women who abuse alcohol are more likely to experience fatal complications than men. Once again, experts believe that it's because of how alcohol affects women differently than men.

In addition, women have to worry about drinking when they're pregnant, which men don't have to deal with. However, drinking while pregnant risks hurting the baby. Without help from a women's alcohol addiction rehab program, some women find it impossible to stop.

The Benefits of a Women's Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

The basic building blocks of addiction treatment look the same for both men and women. Group and individual therapy sessions, medical care, and life skills training are all essential in treatment. Despite that, both genders have different needs when it comes to getting the most out of their addiction programs. In fact, studies show that women flourish more when they are part of single-gender support groups.

Our addiction rehab programs offer women more holistic treatment options as well. Some of the holistic services we offer include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Exercise programs
  • Nutrition programs

Also, a women's alcohol addiction rehab center knows how to deal with some of the specific challenges women can face in recovery. For example, it can help women during menopause or their menstrual cycles. Motherhood, problems in relationships, past trauma, and issues in the workplace can also be worked through during therapy sessions with an experienced therapist.

Our Approach to Treatment

While there are a number of addiction treatment centers that offer help for alcohol addiction, finding an effective women's treatment program can be a challenge. However, San Antonio Recovery Center offers affordable addiction treatment for women.

We work hard to offer a women's alcohol addiction rehab program that meets the full needs of our clients. It includes customized treatment plans that address our patients' needs and help them reach their goals. We also pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment in which women can overcome addiction. A few of the programs that we offer include:

Don't let alcohol addiction maintain its hold on your life. Healing is possible, and we'll help you develop the healthy coping skills you need for lasting, sustainable sobriety. Find a women's alcohol addiction rehab location that you can count on. Reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866.957.7885 or connect with us online to learn more.

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