Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Once called mania, bipolar disorder causes sudden and intense mood, behavior, and energy shifts. At one end is mania, which can create feelings of euphoria, boundless energy, and persistent irritability. At the other end is depression, which can lead to feelings of helplessness, sadness, apathy, and lethargy. These shifts occur in one day for some people, while others go through a months-long cycle. Having this mental illness leads to physical and emotional risk, just like substance abuse.  If you find yourself locked in the waves of bipolar disorder and addiction, you need bipolar disorder treatment in a quality drug or alcohol rehab.

People needing bipolar disorder treatment suffer family problems, financial instability, job problems, accidental injuries, and suicide with more frequency than others. They also suffer a much higher risk for substance abuse and addiction. But through bipolar disorder treatment and rehab, you can form a healthier lifestyle and put the problems behind you.
bipolar disorder treatment

Why You Need Bipolar Disorder Treatment and Therapy in San Antonio

According to the American Journal of Managed Care, you need bipolar disorder treatment because you suffer many risks and problems. These include:

  • 56% greater chance of drug or alcohol addiction
  • 46% higher risk for alcohol use disorder or abuse
  • 41% increased risk for drug addiction or abuse
  • Much higher risk for suicide if left untreated

Alcohol is the typical drug of choice for people needing bipolar disorder treatment. But any drug or alcohol use intensifies bipolar symptoms and effects. While drinking or using drugs makes you feel more stable at first, this quickly leads to addiction and total loss of control over your life.

With paired conditions like addiction and bipolar disorder, treatment is complex. You cannot simply end these conditions on your own. You need help from an accredited facility, one with individualized treatment planning as part of dual diagnosis care.

Dual diagnosis treatment is a critically important therapeutic approach that addresses the reality that mental health disorders and substance abuse issues quite often occur together. Treating this complex, multi-faceted condition requires trained, professional staff using integrated therapies. The therapies applied will vary depending upon the specific combination of mental health disorder and substance dependency, but may include:

Without this addiction rehab for mood disorders, your two conditions fuel each other. One left untreated causes the other to spiral back into chaos. You need treatment provided by qualified people using evidence-based methods.

Qualifying The Right Rehab for Your Co-Occurring Conditions

How do you find the best drug and alcohol rehab with bipolar disorder treatment in San Antonio? You can take the long road by screening thousands of Texas addiction rehab programs. But soon, you realize so many choices do not equal the best choices.

The best bipolar disorder treatment in San Antonio gives you quick and easy access to the accredited treatment you need. Programs, therapies, and support offered by this program include:

  • Bipolar disorder treatment in San Antonio
  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Individual treatment plans
  • 12 step program
  • Affordable with insurance acceptance
  • Clear diagnosis
  • Individual, group, and family therapy

Your days in rehab involve learning about your bipolar disorder and substance abuse. You gain coping skills, awareness of your medical needs, and life skills for living a healthier, happier future. You also enjoy a variety of therapies—these range from yoga and meditation to psychiatric counseling.

San Antonio Recovery Center for Addiction Rehab and Bipolar Disorder Treatments

San Antonio Recovery Center provides bipolar disorder treatments in San Antonio. These treatments include all of the above therapies, services, and methods that work for people just like you. Through SARC's bipolar disorder treatment in San Antonio, you gain the strength, will, and skills needed to live a sober, healthy life. You learn to manage your bipolar disorder and stop abusing drugs or alcohol.

For your most complete recovery, call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866.957.7885. Learn about available programs and services for bipolar disorder treatment. By calling now, you open doors for the better future you truly want.

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