Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Recovering from meth dependency can save a person's life. Meth is a destructive drug. For example, it's easy to become dependent on it after just a few uses. Meth withdrawal is never easy, however, it’s absolutely necessary. If you or a loved one is struggling with meth dependency, a drug detox center can help manage withdrawal symptoms so they can build a foundation for recovery.

Meth addiction is dangerous for several reasons. First, methamphetamines are highly addictive substances. This means that people who use them are at a high risk for developing an addiction. Second, methamphetamines are also very harmful to the body. They can cause damage to the brain, heart, and other organs. Finally, methamphetamines are also associated with a number of risky behaviors, such as violence and criminal activity.

The danger of meth addiction couldn't be more clear when you look at the numbers. In the United States, meth is one of the most commonly abused drugs. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there were approximately 1.6 million current meth users in 2016. This represents a significant increase from the previous year, when there were approximately 1.3 million current meth users. Since that time, the numbers are not getting any better.

To deal with a meth addiction, you will need the help of drug and alcohol rehab. Call us today at 866.957.7885.

What Are The Signs of Meth Withdrawal?

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Once you decide to stop using meth, you’ll go through withdrawal. As the level of the drugs in your body decreases, you’ll feel physical and psychological effects.

Because these effects often make people feel sick, they continue using. This is why detoxing in a treatment center is absolutely necessary. When in a drug-free environment, you’ll complete the process more efficiently. In addition, you won't suffer the extreme dehydration that can make at-home meth detox more uncomfortable.

Common meth withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Paranoia

The longer a person abuses meth, the more intense their symptoms will be.

For the most part, detoxing from meth isn't life-threatening. However, users probably feel they're in a lot of pain. Therefore, being in a supportive environment can make all the difference in successfully completing detox.

Withdrawal Timeline

So, for the average person, how long is meth withdrawal?

Usually, symptoms begin within the first 24 to 72 hours of the last dose. If someone feels suicidal, trained professionals are on hand to help manage these symptoms. Overall, withdrawal symptoms will be most intense during these first few days.

For the next one to two weeks, expect strong cravings, trouble sleeping, and mood swings. By the end of week two, you shouldn't be as uncomfortable.

By weeks three and four, the worst symptoms will taper off. You'll feel like a new person. However, you may feel residual effects for months afterward. This is known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Once you complete a rehab program, having a solid relapse plan can help you manage cravings and triggers. This is important as you progress through recovery.

San Antonio Recovery Center Offers Comprehensive Treatment

At San Antonio Recovery Center, our supportive staff members help you overcome an addiction to meth, heroin, alcohol, or other substances. We offer affordable rehab services with 12 step treatment philosophies. Our facility provides a safe, comfortable place for you to begin the next phase of your lifestyle change.

It's not enough to just treat one problem area. Addiction affects you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Therefore, our treatment programs focus on whole-person healing. We offer a men's detox program and a women's detox program, and our gender-specific treatment provides individualized treatment for each person's unique recovery needs.

Additionally, we encourage family involvement. Addiction doesn't only affect the person who uses it. It touches the lives of everyone who cares about you. By supporting you as well as your family members, we work to provide an effective treatment plan that helps you rebuild important relationships.

It's time to break free of addiction. Take control of your life by calling us today at 866.957.7885, or contact us online. With help from our quality treatment center, you’ll reach lasting sobriety before you know it.

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