What to Do If You Are Married to an Alcoholic

Are you married to an alcoholic? Do you want to seek help for your loved one, but worry about the effects that it will have on your marriage?

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Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans in the same boat as you. Day after day, you sit by helplessly as your spouse drinks beyond his or her limits. Your partner meets your requests to stop or limit their drinking with bottomless promises that always go unfulfilled. You may feel saddened, angered or even a mixture of many different emotions as your spouse spirals further into the toxic and dangerous cycle of alcoholism.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Common symptoms and side effects of alcoholism include:

  • Frequently neglecting personal and professional responsibilities at home, work, school, church, etc.
  • Continuing to drink, despite the strain it’s causing to your relationships
  • Consuming alcohol in situations that could be physically dangerous
  • Experiencing repeated legal implications as a result of uncontrolled drinking
  • Using alcohol as a relaxation or stress-management tool

What Can You Do If You're Married to an Alcoholic?

First, it’s important to realize that alcoholism is a disease, not a choice. Even though you may feel resentment for your spouse's drinking problem, try to remember that they need compassion and understanding from you. You’re the most important person in their support system.

Don't confuse compassion and understanding with acceptance, though. Enabling your spouse's addiction won't improve the situation, but rather, give their addiction the opportunity to get worse. The truth is, alcoholism is a serious problem that requires professional help for true and long-lasting results. If you're married to an alcoholic, you need to help them find the treatment they need.

Professional Help Is The Answer

Though many individuals eventually realize that their drinking has gotten out of control, self detox can be dangerous and isn’t recommended. The safest and most effective method for conquering alcoholism is professional rehab treatment. It's important to seek out a reputable and quality addiction center, such as San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas.

At our premier addiction rehab center, our staff always meets patients with understanding and dignity, just as they deserve. We never make individuals feel guilty or ashamed of their addiction. Our team of physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals devote themselves to helping individuals with their sobriety, strength, confidence and independence.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, our affordable treatment programs center around the 12-step philosophy, with a focus on treating heroin and alcohol addictions. A dual diagnosis approach to treatment ensures successful and long-lasting results, to help prevent future relapse post-treatment.

In addition to medically-managed detox, patients can benefit from:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Learning healthy, positive coping mechanisms for maintaining sobriety once treatment has ended
  • A personal physician and psychologist to cover both the physical and psychological aspect of the recovery process
  • Individualized programs designed to meet each patient's individual needs, based on their own history with addiction and possible mental health issues co-occurring with addiction

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we take the stress and worry out of the recovery process so patients can be free to relax, heal and devote 100% of their energy towards conquering their addiction.

Seek Help Today

If you are married to an alcoholic, please don't delay seeking professional help any longer. Our distinguished team can help your spouse get sober, regain his or her confidence and help prepare them for a life of sober living. Getting sober won't be easy, but we can help your spouse get the road to recovery in no time. Please, call us today at 866-957-7885 to learn more about our programs and to begin this incredible life change.

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