Cocaine Withdrawal Signs

The stimulating effects of cocaine are very enticing for many users. For example, they might take the drug frequently to stay up all night and party. Others like the appetite suppressant qualities if they're trying to lose weight. From recreational use to binging, cocaine can have a profound impact on you and the people around you. What if you decide it's time to get clean? What is cocaine withdrawal like?

A woman exhibits cocaine withdrawal signs

Recognizing Signs of Addiction

Before you get clean, you have to admit you have an addiction. Often, it takes people a while to reach this point. In many cases, friends or family members have to confront them about the addiction.

Additionally, you might believe you don't have a problem because you only use cocaine occasionally. You might use it when you have an all-night work or study session to cram through as well. Regardless, cocaine is very addictive. Thus, recreational users can quickly become regular users.

If you're concerned about a loved one, look for these signs of cocaine abuse and addiction:

  • Extreme excitability
  • Intense talkativeness
  • Dilated pupils
  • White powder residue around their nose and lips
  • Drug paraphernalia in their personal belongings

Cocaine users often have financial problems as they spend more on drugs than necessities. Cocaine causes lowered inhibitions, so they may also engage in risky behavior like having unprotected sex. This could lead to unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

What Cocaine Withdrawal Is Like

For most people, cocaine withdrawal usually has more psychological symptoms than physical ones. It's usually not the life-threatening experience that alcohol withdrawal can be. However, if a person abuses other drugs along with cocaine, the process is more complicated and potentially dangerous. Therefore, supervision during withdrawal is recommended for your safety.

If someone is a frequent binge user, they may feel withdrawal symptoms within several hours of their last dose. This is the crash, and it causes irritability, increased appetite, and tiredness. Overall, most people begin feeling the effects within 24 hours of their last dose.

The next phase of cocaine withdrawal starts within a few days. People experience cravings, fatigue, decreased focus, chills, and an inability to feel pleasure or arousal. In addition, more serious symptoms include depression and suicidal thoughts.

Most physical symptoms ease after seven to 10 days. Psychologically, you may feel the effects for weeks after use ends.

Withdrawal is never easy. However, it's a necessary step toward getting better. Your health and your life depend on it.

A Full Spectrum of Care at San Antonio Recovery Center

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Our treatment plans meet individual needs. By focusing on your unique issues, we can create a plan that addresses your mental, physical, and emotional health. We want to treat the whole person because we understand recovery should include a full spectrum of treatment.

Our addiction rehab programs include:

Our rehab programs are based on a 12-step approach. Additionally, we emphasize family involvement because addiction doesn’t only touch your life. It impacts the lives of your loved ones as well.

The compassionate professionals at our facility dedicate themselves to giving you the best chances for recovery.

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