Like many Americans, you may be struggling with alcohol addiction and don’t know where to turn. Without a few drinks, you can’t function and perform daily tasks like you used to. It’s time to get help. When you’re looking for treatment, what’s the best alcohol treatment San Antonio can offer you?

Look for Flexible Treatment Options

Alcohol treatment San Antonio residents trust | San Antonio Recovery CenterEach person’s addiction is different. Potentially, it may be a strong addiction that you’ve struggled with for years. On the other hand, your alcohol use disorder may be moderate or in its early stages. Typically, treatment takes place in an inpatient setting.

Residential treatment of this kind allows you to immerse yourself in a therapeutic environment. Caregivers and addiction specialists are always around to help, encourage, and answer questions. Typically, program participants stay at the facility for about 30 days before discharge. If you need a little longer, the alcohol treatment San Antonio locals trust offers a 90-day treatment program.

On the other hand, your addiction may be moderate. You have a strong support system at home, and people want to see you succeed. You haven’t been drinking for long. As a result, you may be able to benefit from an intensive outpatient program, which offers more freedom and flexibility than an inpatient rehab.

The Best Alcohol Treatment San Antonio Offers Involves Family Members and Friends

Recovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Unless there are reasons to exclude your family and friends from your healing, it’s a good idea to invite them. Family therapy, for example, helps with boundary setting and the development of healthy communication styles. If you grew distant from friends and family members during your addiction, now is an excellent time to reconnect.

Therapists facilitate your recovery by helping you reconnect with others and discover what sits at the core of your addiction. By committing yourself to a recovery problem, such as choosing a 12 Step approach to recovery, you demonstrate your desire to make changes. You may find that your loved ones will eagerly participate in your healing if they see your commitment to healing.

Typical Treatments During Alcohol Rehab

When you discuss your situation with an intake counselor, the specialist will customize a treatment protocol for you. Although there’s a broad range of available treatments, you may not need all of them. In fact, you may benefit from a unique mix of therapies that work together during your recovery. Examples of available treatments include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that’s private and safe, which allows you to uncover dysfunctional habits and patterns you want to change
  • Family therapy sessions that encourage familial interactions and learning alongside relapse prevention planning
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that helps you deal with co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • Nutritional counseling for healthier lifestyle choices after discharge from the program
  • Yoga and meditation therapies that assist with stress management and trigger relief

As you work toward your healing, you connect with peers who are in a similar situation. They help motivate you to stay strong and continue your recovery. They can also help you understand how they’re overcoming certain aspects of alcohol dependency.

What Happens If You Do Nothing?

Undergoing alcohol rehab in San Antonio could save your life. Working with therapists to overcome the chemical dependence makes it possible to live a life of sobriety. However, if you do nothing, your addiction continues. You’ll keep drinking more and more to satisfy your cravings.

After a while, you’ll no longer get a high from the alcohol. Instead, you simply keep drinking to avoid the withdrawal symptoms and any intrusive thoughts you’re struggling with. Over time, your health suffers. You can’t keep up with work or school any longer.

You withdraw from others and will probably lose your job. Your health will fail. But you don’t have to go down this road. Luckily, there’s an alcohol treatment San Antonio residents can trust. In fact, the caring therapists at the San Antonio Recovery Center want to help you with your recovery right now.

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