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Ending your addiction takes work. You know this, as you search for the right addiction treatment program for your individual needs. You need an individual therapy program that provides proven methods that will engage you in your own recovery. Also notable is finding a program with a highly qualified behavioral therapist.

Why do you need an excellent behavioral therapist in addiction rehab? What does this therapist do for your recovery? How can you find the right fit?

Why You Need Behavioral Therapy in Rehab

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Ending your addiction will not be easy. You must reshape your thoughts and behaviors to avoid relapse. You also must treat underlying conditions co-occurring with your addiction, such as depression, anxiety or other behavioral health problems.

For all of this treatment, your behavioral therapist works as your guide, support, and mirror. They help you recognize and understand the problems that led you into addiction. Your therapist also helps you treat these root causes of substance abuse through an array of therapeutic methods. In your therapies you learn new ways of thinking and behaving, to avoid relapse.

Your thought patterns play a major role in your behaviors. You think, then act. So if your thoughts do not provide a healthy direction in your life, you travel an unhealthy path. This is where your behavioral therapist helps you shape your future without drugs or alcohol.

Relapse often occurs when you suffer stress, environmental cues to use or surround yourself with people who trigger or negatively influence you. These factors and others create urges and cravings for your drugs or alcohol. Through behavioral therapies, you learn coping skills to deal with these triggers and cope with life in healthy ways.

Do I Need Individual or Group Therapy?

When seeking rehab treatment, you see most programs offering individual counseling, group therapy or a combination of the two approaches. So do you need individual counseling or group therapy?

In reality, both methods of therapy provide unique benefits. Group therapy helps you build support and relationships with peers in recovery. From your peers and in these group sessions, you learn what works for others and how to avoid the pitfalls they suffer. Likewise, you form an example for these people, too.

Also in group therapy, you learn how others see you. This helps you learn new ways of behaving in relationships and throughout other areas of your life, for greater acceptance from others.

In individual counseling, you learn about yourself in greater detail. You focus more intently on your unique problems that may not apply to a whole group of peers. If you learn something important in group therapy and need to expand on that learning, individual counseling is perfect for doing so. Your behavioral therapist possibly uses straightforward talk therapy or any of a multitude of behavioral therapy methods designed for specific results.

Some behavioral therapies include:

Behavioral therapies work to achieve specific goals. These include helping you stay engaged in your treatment, providing incentives for staying sober and bringing important attitude and behavioral changes. These therapies also help you facilitate new ways of thinking, increase your life skills for dealing with stress and develop coping skills for other triggers.

Your New Behavioral Therapist in San Antonio Addiction Treatment

The addiction therapy services and programs you need are at San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas. Your individual therapy program and group therapies take place among peers in recovery, those seeking lasting sobriety alongside you. Our Texas addiction rehab programs and services include:

  • 12-step based treatment
  • Affordable rehab programs
  • Residential, IOP and 90-day programs
  • CBT and other behavioral therapies
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Recreation and animal-assisted therapy
  • Holistic therapies, including yoga and meditation

When you start treatment at San Antonio Recovery Center, you gain immediate access to a behavioral therapist providing the programs and therapies you need for lasting recovery. Call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866-957-7885.

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