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Substance abuse is far more common than many people realize. If you live in Texas and you're struggling with addiction, then professional support is the right choice. If you live in Houston, then Houston substance abuse counseling might seem like the logical choice. While counseling is helpful for those who are struggling with addiction, the best options might be further afield.

Benefits of Houston Substance Abuse Counseling

To overcome a substance abuse disorder, there are a number of treatments and therapies that can be effective. Perhaps most of all, substance abuse counseling has the power to transform lives. Counseling offers a safe space for honesty, can be customized to the needs of the client, and can dig deeper into underlying issues. If you are serious about overcoming addiction, then substance abuse counseling is an obvious choice.

In counseling, clients will be able to speak freely without fear of judgment. Even when clients surround themselves with their peers in a group therapy session, they might be censoring their words. Many clients don't want to offend others, and they might also be worried about being judged. Thanks to confidentiality, counselors, and clients can speak freely and know that their words will be kept private.

Another benefit of substance abuse counseling is that it doesn't have to appeal to a broad group. In large sessions, clients might stick to familiar topics. However, many clients have specific, individualized concerns. Group or individual counseling is a chance to discuss those particular issues, whatever they might be.

Finally, counseling can dive deeper into the causes of addiction. Substance abuse can develop for multiple reasons, and some of those reasons need to have recognition on a personal level. Often, the best way to do so is through one-on-one substance abuse counseling.

Is Houston Substance Abuse Counseling Always The Right Choice?

While substance abuse counseling is often the right move, is it necessary to get treatment in Houston? For many clients, Houston substance abuse counseling isn't the answer. Counseling can be productive wherever you happen to live, but leaving home can also be beneficial.

For Houston residents, there may be a benefit to leaving your home environment and seeking treatment elsewhere. Just a short distance from home, you can embrace a new sober environment. That shift in location can wipe the slate clean and make it easier to start living a life of health, happiness, and recovery.

Beginning Recovery at San Antonio Recovery Center

Addiction therapy is widely available, but not all treatment programs are the same. At San Antonio Recovery Center, clients can look forward to a full spectrum of treatment. This comprehensive, holistic approach to recovery means that clients will receive custom treatment that meets their needs. Some addiction therapy services available to clients include the following:

  • 12-step recovery programs - This time-tested therapy program utilizes honesty, group support, and appeals to a higher power to help individuals recover
  • Family therapy - Although addiction can damage relationships, you can heal and rebuild connections with loved ones through targeted therapy
  • Behavioral therapies - Clients learn healthy coping skills and strategies for dealing with cravings and stressful situations
  • Pharmacological therapy - While no medication can cure addiction issues, some medications can relieve withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings
  • Dual diagnosis treatment - Many individuals who struggle with addiction also face mental health issues, and dual diagnosis treatment can address both at the same time

If you live in Texas, you should know that Houston isn't the only place for substance abuse counseling. Treatment at the San Antonio Recovery Center can help clients find strength and begin their recovery. Take the next step to sobriety by contacting us online or calling 866.957.7885 today.

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