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Quitting drinking is extremely difficult for people who regularly abuse alcohol. The body and brain become used to functioning with this level of alcohol. However, getting through alcohol detox is only the beginning of the recovery journey. After detox, individuals start to heal from their past with alcohol abuse counseling.

Without alcohol abuse counseling, cravings, triggers, and temptations lead many to relapse. Learning about addiction treatment methods and the benefits of therapy will help you prepare for the road ahead.

Alcohol Abuse Counseling Methods

There are three main types of addiction therapy methods. These include individual, group, and family counseling. Individual therapy explores your unique, personal problems, and works to change problematic thoughts and behaviors. Whereas group and family therapies are similar in these aspects, other patients or family members will be present.

Within these talk therapy categories, rehab uses several counseling methods to help people overcome alcoholism. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common technique. Overall, it teaches patients to identify and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. CBT also teaches coping techniques for avoiding triggers.

Other therapy programs include:

Additionally, contingency management therapy is another popular counseling method. It involves giving patients incentives for not drinking and, instead, attending local support meetings. Therapists give patients vouchers for achieving their objectives. Then, patients exchange these vouchers for goods, services, or privileges.

Motivational interviewing is another effective option. Therapists use elements that motivate patients to progress in treatment. For example, if a patient gets their motivation from their family, sessions focus on their home dynamic and relationship building.

Why Counseling Is Important

One goal of counseling is addressing the cause of alcohol addiction. Many people detox from alcohol and think recovery’s over. However, without resolving the cause of addiction, they risk relapse and continuing the cycle.

Those suffering from alcohol use disorder need addiction counseling to rebuild their relationships, health, and careers. Without it, the addiction cycle continues to destroy their future.

Continuing recovery with counseling teaches patients healthy personal resolution methods. Self-medicating with alcohol is the main reason people begin abusing it. Perhaps they suffer from work stress or recently lost a loved one. Using alcohol to drown these problems is alcohol abuse, and addiction is a very real side effect.

Many users who self-medicate feel isolation. With alcohol abuse counseling, they learn they aren't the only ones in their respective situations. Individual and group therapies demonstrate how outside support is always available. Family therapy helps them rebuild relationships and establish a strong home support system.

Counseling also shows people how beneficial group meetings can be at building and practicing new coping skills. These groups follow 12-step programs and provide extra help for staying sober.

You Overcome Alcohol Abuse with Addiction Counseling

If you have an alcohol abuse problem, counseling can help you overcome it. San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas follows the 12-step philosophy to addiction treatment.

You’ll have access to customizable, affordable programs which include:

Finding the right level of care and counseling after detox is vital to recovery. Don't continue letting alcohol ruin your life. You can learn successful coping methods, healthy ways to express yourself, and lean on others for support.

Contact San Antonio Recovery Center to start your transformative recovery journey today. Call 866.957.7885 to speak with an addiction specialist today about enrolling in an alcohol abuse counseling session. Find relief from alcohol use disorder symptoms and the joys of sober living.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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