Did You Know You Can Use Your Health Insurance for Rehab?

Did You Know You Can Use Your Health Insurance for Rehab?

Many people seeking to enter treatment for drug or alcohol addiction wonder if they can use their health insurance for rehab. The good news is that most private and public health insurance covers at least a portion of expenses for addiction rehabilitation. This is a welcome change from the past, when addicted individuals and their families often had to pay out of pocket for such care.

How Insurance for Rehab Is Provided

Addiction is better understood now as being a real medical condition that’s both treatable and, if left untreated, becomes more expensive to insurance companies in the long run. As a result, insurance companies are eager to help individuals overcome their addictions in order to prevent greater medical bills in later years.

In order to better understand some of the requirements of your health insurance policy for rehab, try to see things from the insurance company's perspective. That is, they only profit when their policyholders are healthy. The types of treatment they will pay for and associated terms are directly related to what has been proven most effective for lifelong sobriety. While it may seem your insurance company doesn’t want to help you at times, their goal is for your long-term wellness.

Types of Insurance for Rehab

There are three primary types of insurance for rehab. Those are public, private and group policies. Here is how each one provides insurance for rehab, as well as some of their individual nuances:

Public Insurance

Government policies from state or federally run medical insurance programs can help make rehab more affordable. The downside of public insurance is that specific income requirements are attached to eligibility. Additionally, not all treatment facilities are subsidized by the government for acceptance of government insurance for rehab. The specific treatment facility you are interested in can tell you whether they participate in public insurance.

Monthly installment payments are sometimes an option from nonprofit organizations that provide treatment services. These payment programs function just as a car loan or mortgage does, with treatment provided up front and payments extended for a lengthy time following completion of the rehab program.

Private Insurance

The most individualized approach to personal insurance needs is that of a private insurance policy. Of course, the price of this type of insurance is more costly than others. But this cost is counterbalanced by what is provided within policy terms.

Private insurance is often provided by employers or purchased by an individual. It isn’t subsidized by the government or agencies. The benefits of private insurance include:

  • Broader choice in rehab selection
  • Less out-of-pocket expense for rehab
  • Possible inclusion of inpatient treatment
  • Coverage for luxury rehab
  • Holistic treatment inclusion

Group Health Insurance

Some employer-provided group insurance programs provide insurance for rehab. However, many employees fear using these benefits due to risk of embarrassment or even job loss if their employer finds out about their drug or alcohol use. These plans usually provide insurance for rehab programs like the following:

Using Your Insurance for Rehab

Regardless of the type of insurance policy you hold, or even if you don’t have insurance at this time, one of the best resources for guidance regarding your options is the treatment center in which you have interest. If you’re aware of a program that may be a good fit for you, reach out to that rehab to find out whether you have coverage for the program, how much will be covered, the duration of treatment available to you and other options for payment of rehab not covered under your policy.

San Antonio Recovery Center provides an affordable, supportive and therapeutic environment for heroin and alcohol addiction treatment. This treatment combines accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment modalities and a safe, comfortable environment for effective long-term results.

Getting help is the right step, one you should take now. If you or a loved one are trying to determine how to stop drinking or abusing drugs, call San Antonio Recovery Center at 240-432-3700 to learn about our comprehensive programs of addiction treatment designed to treat the whole person.

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