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How do you choose a rehab facility when you decide to get clean? Is it as simple as picking the top options that come up in a search? To get the most personalized treatment—one that truly meets your unique needs—you may have to step outside of your comfort zone. If you're local to Dallas, then you might need to look to neighboring cities to receive the right substance abuse treatment.

Learn more about addiction treatment centers near you and find out how San Antonio Recovery Center can help you or your loved one today.

When There's Substance Abuse Treatment Dallas Doesn't Have

In an ideal world, rehab works for everyone the first time. But, if you or a loved one has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, you know this isn't the case. Many individuals return to treatment several times. This does not necessarily mean that they have failed in their recovery--instead, it means that they are committed to their recovery.

Although Dallas has addiction treatment facilities, you may have specialized needs that won't get met in a local center. Perhaps you've been to a facility or two, so you already know the ins and outs. If they didn't work for you before, why not look into other options? Addiction treatment centers in San Antonio can provide high-quality treatment at a low cost.

Benefits of Semi-Local Rehab

You don't have to travel to some far-flung, exotic, or pricey locale to get high-quality addiction treatment. When there's substance abuse treatment Dallas can't provide, then look elsewhere. Instead, consider a semi-local destination, such as a facility in San Antonio. You'll still be in the state where you feel at home, but you'll enjoy some benefits of seeking rehab several hours away, including affordability.

Benefits of semi-local treatment include:

  • Being away from a toxic environment
  • Feeling like you're getting a fresh start in a new setting
  • Making it harder for you to leave rehab whenever you want
  • Being near loved ones for family therapy

If you choose a facility that's just a few hours' drive away, you'll feel like you're in familiar surroundings, which may make you more comfortable. However, you won't worry that triggers are right outside the treatment center's doors. You can leave stressors behind and completely focus on your rehab experience.

Getting help for drug and alcohol dependency away from home may lessen your risk of addiction relapse. Because you're in rehab voluntarily, it can be all too easy to quit once you run into challenges. When your home isn't just across town, however, you have to think carefully about giving rehab another chance.

Starting Over in San Antonio

Come to an addiction treatment facility that has all the advantages of staying in Texas, but with that clean slate feeling, that's so beneficial for people in recovery. San Antonio Recovery Center offers all of our clients a full spectrum of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We work to heal people, inside and out.

Our rehab programs include:

No matter how much drugs and alcohol have done to you and your loved ones, you can start over. We'll help you navigate your way to long-term sobriety, so contact us at 866.957.7885 today for more information.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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