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COVID-19 is changing the way we do most things, including the way people approach rehab. Drug treatment programs are no less necessary just because there is a pandemic. Those with a substance use disorder, in some cases, may have a higher risk of complications from a COVID-19 infection, too. It is important to understand how to approach rehab in a COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 and Addiction Treatment Centers

COVID-19 is changing the face of healthcare around the world, and drug and alcohol rehab programs like San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) are not exempt from it. The effect is two-fold. Social isolation is meaning more need for treatment and might be increasing the rates of relapse. Also, the way these programs operate is affected, as well. As essential services, rehab facilities need to create a safe space for both patients and staff.

COVID-19 can make the idea of getting treatment daunting, though. You need to keep in mind that rehab centers have guidelines to create safe environments, just like hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. As a result, the risk of catching COVID-19 is lower than that of not getting treatment at all.

Following Guidelines During COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidelines for essential services that reduce the risk of transferring COVID-19 from person-to-person. In many ways, these are common-sense approaches that these facilities might already practice.

Some coronavirus protocols would include:

  • Screening patients before they go to individual or group therapy
  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities and supplies
  • Extra attention is given to touch surfaces like chairs, tables, doorknobs, and even bathroom facilities
  • Masks for both staff and patients
  • Easily accessible hand sanitizer
  • Reduced physical contact
  • Social distancing of at least six feet from person to person

Residential treatment programs might require regular testing of staff and patients, as well. Anyone who tests positive would be immediately isolated.

Those in outpatient rehab will likely be asked to test for the virus, wear a mask during treatment sessions, and social distance. If there are any signs of illness such as a fever, they will not be able to do face-to-face therapy. Some facilities are offering telehealth services, which would allow for recovery during COVID-19 using secure a digital platform.

The Importance of Rehab During COVID-19

Anyone with a substance use disorder must have support during this difficult time. Not only does social isolation increase the risk of drug or alcohol use, but using certain drugs may cause life-threatening complications should you get the infection.

COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system. Certain drugs also impact that system. So the combination of the two might be hard on the lungs, causing scarring and permanent damage.

Contact San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center offers a full spectrum of treatment programs that include:

We also provide 12-step meetings. SARC is an independent drug and alcohol treatment center. We utilize the 12-step philosophy for recovery during COVID-19, too. We will take precautions to ensure everyone can take part safely, though.

At SARC, we believe the rehab should be affordable and do what we can to keep our costs down. We work with you to find a path to long term recovery that includes a 90-day treatment plan. We believe 90-day treatment offers you the best chance at recovery.

COVID-19 is creating challenges for everyone, but you might feel the strain more than most if you have a substance use disorder. We can help you undergo rehab during COVID-19. Please give us a call at SARC and let us help. You can reach us at 866.957.7885, or contact us online today to learn more.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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