A woman who appears ready to explain a 90-day addiction treatment program

What to Know About the 90-Day Treatment Program at San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) provides a 90-day addiction treatment program to patients because it offers them the best chance at long term recovery. Many facilities offer shorter programs like 30 or 60 days, but we believe that recovery is a life-long process, so taking at least 90 days to develop the skills to help…

Group of people utilizing the benefits of drug treatment centers

Drug Treatment Centers

There’s a lot of information regarding drug treatment centers. More importantly, when you’re ready to get sober, this information may ease your apprehensions. Many people don’t realize how beneficial treatment facilities can be. Because of this, they often try to get clean alone. Unfortunately, without help from a qualified facility, your chances of relapse are…

Man learning about long-term heroin treatment

What to Expect from Long-Term Heroin Addiction Treatment

Most long-term heroin addiction treatment programs provide residential rehab for 90 days or more. This longer stay can be more effective for overcoming the powerful drug than a traditional residential program of only a few weeks to a month in length. Within an extended treatment program, some people who may fail within shorter rehab stays…