Image symbolizing how to help someone with drug addiction

How To Help Someone With Drug Addiction Who Doesn’t Want Help

One of the most significant challenges in life is figuring out how to how to help someone with a drug addiction who doesn’t want help. Recovery from drug addiction is challenging, even when those in need of assistance are ready and willing to work toward sobriety. It’s even harder when they don’t want your help…

People enjoying the benefits of group therapy during addiction recovery

5 Benefits of Group Therapy During Addiction Recovery

The idea of therapy often conjures the classic milieu of a patient and a therapist alone in a dark-lit, comfortable room discussing their emotions. Certainly, individual therapy remains a cornerstone of addiction treatment even if it isn’t conducted in quite so stereotypical a way. Group therapy is another method used by many addiction treatment providers.…

Patient and counselor demonstrating drug addiction counseling techniques

Drug Addiction Counseling Techniques

Therapists in rehab facilities face a predicament. They treat clients from all occupations and backgrounds who enroll in treatment to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Therefore, it’s impossible for therapists to rely on only one set of counseling techniques. That’s why high-quality facilities will offer a variety of addiction treatment therapies and programs.…

A woman who wants to know how 90-day treatment programs help

How 90-Day Treatment Programs Can Help

Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy lives, relationships, and careers. Addiction is a chronic and complex disease that can be difficult to overcome. However, recovery is possible with the right treatment and support. Let’s discuss 90-day treatment programs, their benefits, and how they can help those struggling with addiction. Also, let’s take a look at…