A woman being taught coping skills for relapse prevention

Coping Skills For Relapse Prevention

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease that spreads its deadly tentacles into every aspect of your life. Nothing is immune, including your job, relationships, coping skills, finances, and even your physical and mental health. Because addiction is so destructive and pervasive, recovery is an incredibly time-intensive, exhausting, and challenging process. Therefore, it is…

Woman wondering how long it takes to break heroin addiction

How Long Does It Take to Break a Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is among the most highly addictive and most deadly drugs. There are many surprising facts, perhaps little-known facts, about heroin use, addiction, and recovery. One aspect of recovery is concerned with breaking the addiction. The professional team at San Antonio Recovery Center understands addiction, the downward spiral, and the path to recovery. Do you…

A man who knows the answer to the question, "What does meth overdose look like?"

What Does a Meth Overdose Look Like?

People from all walks of life use methamphetamines. Also known as meth, methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant. Unfortunately, people use meth every day. Meth is so addictive people can develop dependency after one use. Meth is often produced illegally in homemade labs that are unregulated. This means that it’s hard for someone to know…

A person experiencing effects of alcohol on the body

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcoholism is an addiction, but it does not have to rule your life. Because drinking is legal and socially acceptable, if not encouraged, it can quietly take control of your life. The move from alcohol use to abuse to dependency can be insidious. San Antonio Recovery Center has professional, compassionate staff with experience in treating…