Man struggles with the fact that his addiction is a disease

Addiction is a disease that involves physical, emotional, and behavioral components. There are genetic factors to consider when you look at addiction, although risky behavior can also cause an addiction to manifest. Knowing that addiction is a disease can bring relief to individuals who wonder why it's so hard to take control of their substance use. It can take over how the body and brain functions and lead to further issues without treatment in a substance abuse treatment program in San Antonio. TX.

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How Addiction Treatment Begins

Addiction treatment starts when you acknowledge that you are struggling with drug or alcohol use. First, you decide to get help for your addiction. Withdrawal is the next step, and you will want to go to a recovery center that offers a medically managed detox program to keep you safe throughout your withdrawal. Typically, the next steps in treatment involve:

  • Inpatient treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Aftercare

Addiction is a disease that benefits from a methodical approach to detox and recovery.

Why Is Addiction a Disease?

Once you abuse a substance and experience a high, your body craves the same feeling. You can become physically addicted to drugs or alcohol over a short period, and it is why addiction is a disease that is hard to control. Your body becomes tolerant to the drugs or alcohol, and you need to use more in order to achieve the same high. The more you use, the harder it is to withdraw from the substances you are addicted to.

Dealing With The Emotional Piece of Addiction

When addiction takes over your life, you can feel constantly anxious or depressed. You may believe that you need to use drugs or alcohol in order to cope with life. You will work with a counselor when you receive treatment for addiction so you can begin to learn more effective coping skills. As you progress in addiction treatment programs, you will be encouraged to talk to your peers and share your story with others.

Behavioral Changes and Addiction

Turning to drugs or alcohol can become a habit when you don't have other coping skills to use. If you hide what you are doing to keep your addiction a secret, this type of behavior becomes a way of life. As you begin your recovery process, you will be taught the importance of telling the truth and changing your behavior. If you are deep in addiction, your behavior may include lying, stealing, or driving under the influence. As you get better, you will see how positive changes to your behavior makes a difference.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible

You can heal from the disease of addiction, but you have to make the choice to get help. No matter why you are addicted to substances, the goal is to detox safely and learn how you became addicted to substances in the first place. Recovery takes time, and you will want to take each day as it comes. Once you physically detox from drugs or alcohol, you will move on to treatment that focuses on changing behavior and learning positive ways to deal with stress.

Addiction recovery includes:

  • Detox to remove the substance from your body physically
  • Addiction therapy programs to address your emotional and behavioral attachments to addiction
  • Group therapy programs to learn from peers and build a support network
  • Support to maintain your sobriety from friends, family, and professionals

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