Wellness programs play an important role in your addiction treatment and recovery. These programs look beyond the psychological impact of your substance abuse to your mind and body impacts. These services focus on improving your outlook, motivation, confidence, fitness, and overall well-being.

At San Antonio Recovery Center, addiction wellness treatment is an essential component of recovery. Our team understands the connection between addiction and wellness, and we provide a wide array of treatment programs and therapy options to help people discover their road to recovery. If you or someone you care about is interested in wellness treatment for addiction, contact our team today by calling 866.957.7885 or completing our convenient online form.
addiction and wellness

Addiction and Wellness

In many ways, rehab wellness programs provide visible changes that excite you about returning home after treatment. Through these methods, you look and feel healthier. Your skin glows again, and people remark on your better appearance. At the same time, as you achieve these results, you build better wellness habits for your future.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stresses that you need continued growth and improvement in your health and wellness to enjoy long-term recovery. In essence, when your mind and body feel good, you do not want to abuse them by turning to drugs or drinking. So your wellness programs start you on that journey and give you the basic skills needed to create lasting change.

Development of your own wellness takes you through four basic steps in rehab. These steps include:

  • Determining your nutritional needs
  • Establishing your exercise needs
  • Following your wellness program

Determining Your Addiction and Wellness Needs

As part of your rehab treatment at San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC), you gain an individualized treatment plan. Your mental and physical wellness plan is a part of this individualized care. So one of your first steps in rehab is determining your wellness needs. For this, you meet with one or more health professionals.

The doctor or other professional determine your current state of wellness by noting physical data like your height, weight, BMI, health history, and the effects substance abuse took on your body and mind. Your treatment professionals also consider your co-occurring mental health conditions, symptoms, and other health needs.

Based on all of this gathered information, your doctor or other provider develops a wellness plan. This plan includes fitness, recreation, and other activities designed for your overall wellness.

Determining Your Nutritional Needs

Nutrition plays a major role in rebuilding your body and mind. Using data gathered in your intake screening and your medical visit, your doctor or a nutritionist form a diet plan. This plan includes corrections to your diet when you experience nutritional deficiencies or weight concerns.

Long-term substance abuse causes many side effects, with nutrition being lost to your addiction. Some of the issues your dietary plan addresses include eating on a set schedule, avoiding snacking and skipped meals, sticking to healthy food choices, getting enough essential nutrients, and following a meal plan.

Determining Your Exercise Needs

Of course, wellness cannot happen without physical exercise. Fitness helps you avoid relapse, just as it gives you both mental and physical confidence and strength. Through exercise, your outlook, self-confidence, energy, and motivations for recovery all improve. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, your exercise plan helps you overcome these conditions.

Additional Programs at San Antonio Recovery Center

The aspects of your wellness programs and other holistic methods contribute to a well-rounded approach to addiction recovery. At San Antonio Recovery Center, addiction rehab programs combine a range of proven methods, including:

Choose Wellness Treatment for Addiction at San Antonio Recovery Center

For your best wellness during treatment and recovery, you need quality rehab treatment with wellness programs. At San Antonio Recovery Center, our team of addiction specialists can help you or someone you care about embrace recovery. Contact SARC now at 866.957.7885 or complete our online contact form. Retake control of your life today by reaching out to San Antonio Recovery Center.

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