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Due to the global pandemic, the residential addiction treatment program at San Antonio Recovery Center has changed to accommodate an abundance of caution. Changes include incorporating a period of isolation upon admittance and administering a COVID-19 test for new clients. By adhering to government guidelines and taking all necessary precautions, we are balancing the need to interact one-on-one and in group settings with the importance of avoiding the spread of the coronavirus.

Changes to Our Residential Program Due to COVID

Changes to our residential program include the following precautions:

  • We have implemented a 5- to 14-day isolation for new clients to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Clients take a COVID test before or upon admission to our facility in Texas.
  • Instead of in-person tours, we offer a photo gallery tour online.
  • Our admissions team discusses how one-on-one therapy and group therapy will work during their stay. Depending on state and federal restrictions, we may hold group support via video conferencing to keep guests safe.
  • We use pre-admission screening tools that include questions about symptoms and contact with anyone who has contracted coronavirus.
  • Staff and clients adhere to social distancing and personal protective equipment guidelines as set forth by the CDC.

Lessons Learned from The Pandemic

There are several things that addiction treatment centers can do to help individuals even after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

  1. Facilities need to create an infection-response team. In smaller facilities, this team might consist of a single staff member who stays on top of the changing landscape of state and local restrictions. This team can develop guidelines designed to keep staff and clients safe from the coronavirus.
  2. Telehealth therapy works. At a time when one on one and group therapy can put staff and clients at risk, the use of telehealth therapy can bridge the gap. Telehealth also assists those who complete a residential program in reintegrating into their community.
  3. Clients with substance use disorders often have underlying physical and mental disorders. These conditions may put them at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. If this describes you, it may include social challenges, lack of access to health care, and a greater need for an effective residential program set up with the appropriate precautions.

A high-quality residential treatment center, such as San Antonio Recovery Center, offers a safe treatment option for clients who need help now. We understand that clients and their loved ones worry about trusting a drug addiction treatment center. It may cause some of those living with an addiction to put off treatment. Rest assured that we do everything in our power to protect you from COVID so that you can concentrate on getting well.

Protecting Clients and Promoting Recovery

Our daily addiction treatment schedule includes accommodations to keep residents safe. We have modified our programs for your protection by adopting the following practices:

  • Whenever possible, we use telehealth and video conferencing services to allow clients to interact without physical contact.
  • Per CDC guidance, we limit group activities to 10 or fewer people. This policy includes communal dining, activities, and group therapy.
  • For shared bedrooms, beds are at least six feet apart.
  • We follow the required state and federal guidelines for social distancing and PPE use.

You can feel confident that we are doing everything we can to keep clients safe while also helping them overcome addiction.

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From our detox center programs to our residential program for addiction, San Antonio Recovery Center provides quality care for each client. Contact us at 866.957.7885, or contact us online to find out how you can get help. There is a brighter future waiting. Don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from reaching out toward a better future.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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