man sitting at a table with a glass of wine suffers from alcoholismMany people don’t understand what alcoholism is or how to spot it, which is why thousands of people don’t get the help they need. Without an understanding of addiction, individuals can justify a drinking problem. Not only that, but an individual’s friends and family may think that he or she doesn’t have a problem at all. There are other cases where everyone involved thinks that the problem will solve itself.

Without understanding the severity of the disease of addiction, an individual who needs help is unlikely to get the help that he or she needs. To overcome one’s addiction, the person needs to get professional treatment from a qualified facility. Individuals who try to overcome addiction alone have an extremely low success rate because the illness is so powerful. Addiction is the only illness that tells a person that they don’t have a problem, which is why it’s difficult to overcome alone.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism only affects a small portion of the population, but it’s very difficult to spot because alcohol is a legal substance. Many people justify their alcoholism by saying that they just like to go out, party and have a good time. Others say that their drinking is just to unwind after a stressful day at work, but as long as they’re still carrying a job, there’s no problem. The reality is that those with an addiction have lost the power of choice.

Someone who doesn’t have a problem with alcohol can easily take it or leave it. A person who doesn’t have alcoholism may be able to drink every day but can stop when things get bad. A DUI, health problems, issues at work or difficulties with a spouse have the power to make most people stop drinking. Someone with an addiction to alcohol can’t stop when these same issues occur.

Understanding Alcoholism Facts and the Brain

Up until very recently, people thought that individuals with an addiction to alcohol or drugs simply lacked willpower. After years of research, scientists have found that those with an addiction suffer from a serious brain disorder. The brain has checks and balances that allow a person to live a healthy, happy life, but it doesn’t work the same for individuals with addictions. These alcoholism facts have changed the way that individuals approach treatment.

Those with an addiction to alcohol have a brain that doesn’t tell them that they need to stop when their drinking is causing problems. The part of the brain that’s responsible for helping a person moderate their drinking is the prefrontal cortex. Individuals with an addiction have a prefrontal cortex that allows excess dopamine flow in the brain. Some of the responsibilities of the prefrontal cortex include the ability to:

  • Make logical decisions
  • Regulate emotions
  • Control impulses
  • Feel connected to others and society

Overcoming Alcoholism

To truly recover from an addiction to alcohol, a person needs to seek professional assistance, and San Antonio Recovery Center can help. An alcohol rehab center in San Antonio, Texas, we use a multi-faceted approach to treatment. Our staff of qualified men and women are passionate about helping those with an addiction. The biggest goal we have at San Antonio Recovery Center is to help with the healing process so you and your family can begin a new chapter in life.

San Antonio Recovery Center believes in a 12-step philosophy, so you’ll learn about programs like AA and NA in treatment. This is crucial to the recovery process because it’s one of the best ways to continue staying sober after treatment. We also work with many different insurance companies to help you with the cost of treatment. Call us today at 866-957-7865 to take the first step towards changing your life.