A man enrolls in houston drug abuse treatmentPicking the right rehab center is an important step to getting addiction help. Fortunately, Texas is home to a number of reputable addiction treatment facilities. For example, Houston, specifically, offers quality rehabilitative options. Overall, Houston drug abuse treatment methods provide comprehensive care people can count on.

What Makes Quality Houston Drug Abuse Treatment?

Houston drug abuse treatment centers create custom treatment plans for each client. A tailored plan ensures each person has access to help that addresses his or her unique needs.

However, rehab centers in surrounding cities offer similar treatment. For example, many San Antonio facilities provide quality, custom treatment plans as well. Whether you’re searching for treatment in Houston or a nearby city, count on Texas.

Intake Method

Before receiving Houston drug abuse treatment, you must go through an intake exam. It’s the very first step to the rehab process. During intake, the rehab center gathers important information about you. Using this information, the staff creates a custom treatment plan.

During intake, a counselor will ask you several questions. These could include:

• Is this your first rehab attempt?
• Do you have a history of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, etc.?
• What substances do you abuse, and how long have you abused them?
• What’s your family background and situation?
• Why do you feel you need treatment?

It’s important that you answer these questions honestly. The answers help staff determine which treatment programs will work for you.

Residential and Outpatient Treatment

Two of the most popular treatment programs are residential and outpatient treatment. Both drug addiction programs’ benefits differ slightly. Overall, the most significant difference is where you’ll stay during treatment.

For example, in residential treatment, you’ll stay at the rehab center. On the other hand, in outpatient treatment, you’ll go to rehab during the day and return home afterward. Regardless of which program you choose, you’ll receive access to many of the same therapies and treatments.

In general, however, doctors recommend you go through residential rehab first. This removes you from negative influences at home that often cause relapse. Therefore, outpatient rehab is a better option for people much further along in their treatment.

Gender-Specific Rehab

Gender-specific rehab programs are another important aspect of Houston rehab centers. They address the individual needs of men and women. While both genders experience similar thoughts and feelings, they go through addiction treatment differently. In some cases, rehab programs that work for men don’t work as well for women, and vice versa.

Therefore, gender-specific rehab addresses these differences during treatment. Many people discover it’s easier to share without members of the opposite sex present. For example, neither men nor women like to admit to their problems in a mixed group.

Get Help for Addiction at San Antonio Recovery Center

If you want treatment in Houston, there’s help close by. San Antonio Recovery Center is a rehab facility that puts your needs first. Our main goal is to provide affordable rehab that accurately addresses your individual needs.

We offer several fantastic rehab programs. We’ll design a treatment plan to address your individual needs. The services we offer include:

Inpatient drug rehab
Intensive outpatient treatment
90-day rehab programs
• Relapse prevention
Aftercare treatment

Get the necessary help today at San Antonio Recovery Center. Discover why we offer the best treatments in Texas. Reach out to us today at 866-957-7885 to begin your renewing journey to sobriety.