A man feels better following opiate addiction treatmentMillions of Americans struggle with prescription opiate addiction. Consequently, opiate addiction treatment is the only ideal method for conquering drug dependency. How do you determine when routine use is developing into an addiction? To decide on the best drug rehab methods, explore the answer to this question below.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are drugs that come from the poppy plant. They bind to opioid receptors in the brain to produce euphoric feelings and also contain pain-relieving properties. Many opiates, including Vicodin and codeine, are available in prescription form. Street drugs, like heroin, remain popular as well.

What Causes an Opiate Addiction?

Many people begin taking opiates after suffering an injury or debilitating disease like cancer. What begins as normal use can quickly develop into addiction. Eventually, you’ll become physically dependent on the drugs. At that point, you may experience severe pain and/or serious side effects if you stop using.

Additionally, opiate addictions occur similarly to cocaine or methamphetamine dependencies. For example, people may experiment with certain opiates out of curiosity or because of peer pressure. These people soon find they can no longer stop using when they choose to. Instead, they must use in order to function normally.

Signs You Need Prescription Opiate Addiction Treatment

Those with an opiate addiction often panic at the thought of ending use. Perhaps you have a friend or loved one who has recently had surgery. Consequently, a doctor might give them a short-term opiate prescription. Take heed if you hear this person asking for more refills.

Furthermore, prescription opiate abusers go to great lengths to obtain medication. For example, they might visit multiple doctors, complaining about the same problem to each one. They might also frequent the emergency room asking for supplemental medication.

Signs of a Street Addiction

You may notice your behavior is quite different when using street opiates vs prescriptions. For example, with a street drug addiction, you might spend more time with other users and/or dealers. You might also:

• Wear long sleeves to cover up needle marks
• Display secretive behavior
• Neglect personal hygiene and appearance
• Forego once-enjoyable activities
• Steal or engage in criminal behavior to pay for drugs

There are some people who use both prescription and street opiates. An individual may turn to heroin when prescription drugs are scarce. Those who use both opiates and prescription drugs may display overlapping signs as well. Therefore, don’t hesitate to seek help if someone you know shows behavior indicative of opiate addiction.

Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we take a well-rounded approach to treatment. Only when we address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction can we truly expect successful results from you. In keeping with our philosophy, we offer the following programs to help you beat your opiate dependency:

• Pharmacology therapy
Dual diagnosis therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Holistic and alternative therapies
• Continuing addiction therapy

If you have an opiate addiction, chances are you already know. You may have made excuses or told yourself that you can quit anytime. However, the truth is quitting on your own is harder than you realize. Please reach out to enroll in the necessary opiate addiction treatment program today.

Get Help for your Opiate Addiction

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