Woman wonders if her drinking in college leads to alcoholism

For many young people, going to college can be a liberating experience that offers the first taste of adulthood. With it comes new friends, alternative ideas, and, for many, drinking and recreational drug use. While partying can seem like a simple rite of passage that most people move beyond relatively unscathed, binge drinking in college can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.

If you or a loved one is struggling with binge drinking, reach out for help. A treatment program at San Antonio Recovery Center could be just what you need to get your life back on track.

The Sobering Numbers on Binge Drinking

An estimated 80% of all American college students drink alcohol and half of that percentage binge drink. Binge drinking is the excessive intake of alcohol over a short period. To qualify as a binge, your blood alcohol concentration must meet or exceed 0.08 grams per 100 grams of blood. In real terms, men usually need to have five drinks and women four in roughly two hours. At parties, the drinks can quickly add up, and you could end up binge drinking before you even realize.

The Consequences of Binge Drinking in College

Although alcohol is actually a depressant that slows body functioning, it initially causes you to feel happy and relaxed. For young people who are in new or uncomfortable social situations, having a drink can loosen them up and enable them to interact with others with less nervousness and anxiety. Add to that the desire many people feel to fit into the college party scene, and all of the elements for binge drinking in college are there. Unfortunately, the consequences can vastly outweigh binge drinking’s temporary benefits as a social lubricant. They include the following:

  • Safety risks such as loss of balance and driving under the influence
  • Poor decisions and choices that may lead to accidents, victimization, the committing of a crime, or exposure to sexually transmitted diseases
  • Significant reduction in the ability to function in work and school
  • Long-term alcohol abuse and addiction

Binge drinking in college may be seen by kids and adults alike as just another harmless way to sow your wild oats. However, it is neither innocent nor safe, and it might even be fatal.

Additionally, college students aren't the only population that can struggle with binge drinking. Adults can also overindulge and begin on a path to bad habits. If you believe you have a problem with binge drinking in college or alcoholism in general, you should seek information and services from a drug and alcohol rehab program that specializes in compassionately addressing your unique needs.

San Antonio Recovery Center Is Here for You

Ideal if you live in San Antonio or the surrounding areas, the San Antonio Recovery Center is one of the best Texas addiction rehab programs in the state. Our dedicated staff members, many of whom are in recovery themselves, truly understand how difficult it can be to overcome addiction to alcohol and other drugs successfully. Therefore, we do all we can to promote lasting recovery via the following services:

  • A complete evaluation of your physical, emotional, psychological, and addiction history
  • Development of a customized plan, including dual diagnosis treatment if necessary
  • Clean and spacious campus
  • Proven individual and group therapies to address the causes and triggers of your addiction
  • Help and counseling for you and your family and support network
  • Treatment at an affordable price

Binge drinking in college is a futile attempt to deal with your pain. Let us help you end the cycle of addiction so you can live a healthy life. Call us today at 866.957.7885, or contact us online to take the first step.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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