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We live in a world characterized by high levels of stress. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious or that many people try to self-medicate against these feelings. As a result, alcohol and anxiety are often partners on the treacherous, downhill slope of addiction.

If you experience anxiety symptoms, it is best to see a therapist in Texas specializing in anxiety disorders. Rehab centers also provide dual diagnosis treatment for both anxiety and alcohol addiction symptoms.

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Alcohol Use and Abuse

Not everyone who uses alcohol becomes dangerously addicted. In fact, most people can drink socially and stop without difficulty. However, some teens and adults will develop a severe alcohol use disorder. Why this occurs in some individuals and not others is a complex issue. However, experts believe that a combination of hereditary, environmental, physical, and mental health factors cause alcoholism.

The symptoms of alcohol addiction include the following:

  • Inability to control or stop drinking in spite of the negative consequences in your life
  • Strong cravings to drink as well as an increased tolerance for alcohol
  • Difficulties in relationships, jobs, and finances caused by drinking
  • Physical symptoms including tremors, memory loss, nausea, and headaches
  • Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other psychological effects

Anxiety is one of the main physiological companions that go along with alcoholism. Alcohol and anxiety have a “which came first” relationship, meaning that it is often difficult to determine which led to the other. Whatever the answer to that question may be, the reality is that what someone with an anxiety disorder feels is much more intense and long-lasting than typical, everyday worrying.

Symptoms include restlessness, fatigue, inability to concentrate, sleep issues, and irritability. In more severe cases, a person might have crippling panic attacks. Other people might be particularly anxious in social situations. The good news is that a combination of therapy and medication can manage most anxiety difficulties.

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety

People experiencing anxiety often want nothing more than to relax and unwind. Since alcohol is a depressant, it does have a sedative effect on someone who feels agitated. Unfortunately, however, alcohol use can actually exacerbate the effects of an already-existing anxiety disorder. Furthermore, if a person develops an addiction to alcohol, that brings with it a whole array of new things to be anxious about.

In short, alcohol and anxiety should not mix. When alcohol abuse occurs, alcohol addiction rehab programs can help you recover.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Help

We also know from experience that this strategy soon backfires, leaving them now to suffer from the one-two punch of alcohol and anxiety. Our dual diagnosis treatment can help you battle both addiction and any mental health issues taking place.

Treating both conditions at the same time gets to the source of the disorders. This way, one condition will not lead to a relapse in the other. During treatment, you may partake in the following services:

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The San Antonio Recovery Center offers one of the most affordable and well-respected Texas addiction rehab programs available today. Our caring staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, understand why people try to medicate themselves against panic and anxiety with alcohol.

Overcoming these issues alone is an incredibly daunting task that is a sure path to failure. At our drug and alcohol rehab center, we will help you to understand the roots of your addiction and anxiety, including causes and triggers. Then we will give you the tools that you can use to live a fulfilling and healthy life. We will provide you with the following services:

  • Thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan
  • Recovery in a spacious center set up to promote healing
  • Evidence-based individual and group therapies including 12 step programs
  • Help for your family and support network in forming and sustaining healthy relationships that will promote your recovery
  • Treatment at a price you can afford

Alcohol and anxiety can bring your life to a standstill, but you can change that. Contact our counselors today at 866.957.7885. We will help you to get on the road to lasting healing.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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