Treating your alcohol use disorder is possible. There’s no alcohol problem that high-quality addiction specialists can’t work with. What do you need to know about the alcohol rehab San Antonio TX residents trust? What could it do for you and your addiction?

Understanding the Mechanics of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol rehab San Antonio Tx residents need | San Antonio Recovery CenterYou didn’t wake up planning to develop an addiction that requires alcohol treatment, but here you are. Maybe it started with binge drinking and weekend parties. Now, you can’t make it through the day without a few drinks.

Because addiction is a disease with psychological and physiological manifestations, you need help. The illness is chronic, which means that there’s no cure. That said, it responds well to treatment. Living sober in the future is entirely possible.

How the Alcohol Rehab San Antonio TX Locals Trust Can Work for You

Evidence-based treatments make a difference. They have worked for many others in your situation. Since an alcohol use disorder affects people on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level, it’s vital to address all three. A comprehensive approach to rehab makes this possible.

Addiction specialists begin working with you by customizing a treatment protocol. Everyone’s different, which is something that your treatment plan should reflect. The goal is to present you with interventions that work for you in particular. Examples of such modalities include:

  • Pharmacological support for program participants who need medical care in addition to counseling
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment, which benefits you if you suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a means for recognizing and changing dysfunctional patterns
  • Addiction therapy services, which encourage participation in 12 Step programs and anger management workshops
  • Family therapy that promotes healthy communication, re-connection with loved ones, and boundary setting

Holistic care is part of the experience. To ensure that you recover your health, specialists work with you via nutritional and fitness workshops. You’ll have opportunities to exercise at your level and change your lifestyle. Meditation and yoga therapies enable you to deal with stressors and triggers in healthier ways than before.

Whereas in the past you might have reached for a drink, you now recognize better ways to handle the stress. As a result, you find that your cravings diminish. Because the various disciplines work together, they create a comprehensive therapeutic environment that encourages healing.

Should You Live at the Facility?

Another hallmark of the right alcohol rehab San Antonio TX trusts is flexibility in the administration of treatments. Inpatient alcohol rehab is ideally suited for individuals with any type of addiction. It also benefits program participants who are currently in a co-dependent relationship. Living with someone who doesn’t wholly support your recovery is detrimental to your success.

If you realize that you need a little extra help, there’s an extended stay option. Whereas most facilities don’t offer you this opportunity, experts in the field consider it a necessary safety net. Not everyone overcomes a psychological addiction in 30 days. Some need 90 days to reach a point where they can live sober and transition to independent living.

On the other hand, you might benefit from intensive outpatient treatment in some cases. If you have a moderate addiction and stable home environment with plenty of support, this program could be for you. Additionally, a discussion with a caring intake counselor can help you determine your eligibility for this rehab option. However, no matter which setting you choose, you don’t have to suffer any longer.

At the San Antonio Recovery Center, friendly addiction specialists work with people like you who want to quit drinking. Call 866-957-7885 today to schedule an appointment.